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Eurovision 78 clip including NOS ident & announcer

This is interesting too...


20/12/06 10:00pm - This it is a fictitious model of the beginning of transmissions of JSG Television published in Windows Movie Maker, with imagenes done in Microsoft Power Point and Adobe Photoshop. He is pirate, but to clear the boredom to me that tapeworm raises I had to do it this way. This it is the order of the video: - TEST PATTERN (TEST CARD), WITH The MUSICAL SUBJECT "HEALERS" OF SERGIO PEREZ (SOLO EL FINAL) - NATIONAL ANTHEM OF REPUBLICA BOLIVARIANA OF VENEZUELA (PRESENTATION OF ELABORATED BEGINNING And END IN FLASH) - COMPLETE IDENTIFICATION Of the CHANNEL (ALSO IN FLASH) - GRILL Or ADVANCE OF The PROGRAMMING (IMAGENES ELABORATED IN POWER POINT And The VOICE OF THIS SERVANT, JUAN SEBASTIAN GONZALEZ) In fact, the musica of the programming advance: "Future", of Fernando Bit (Brazil) We see the anus that comes (translated via Babelfish, what can I say - mulder) ... Happy 2007
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Granada North West Today
Daniel89 posted:
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Rediffusion closedown...

Good closedown, but it's a shame that AidanLunn (Yorkshire) won't stop pinching clips from other sites and not telling us where we got it from.

I've left him a message about that on the Comments bit, although he hasn't responded to it. Don't get me wrong he's more than entitled to watch the videos but I think it's damn rude he's just ripped them all and put them on YouTube without any credit to the original person who made the clip, he's got one of mine that I uploaded onto the PP on there.