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Who want to see an STV interlude? You dont have a choice... Very Happy STV was smarter with the times, since there had kids programmes, link and Ekion and something else thus the slots were all filled.

These days they'd just play some promos to fill up the time. I suppose it was 6am and the end of the TCs shift...

I remember Thames filling the odd few minutes in the mid afternoon with music videos.
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And secondly we see a brief snippet of an interlude! I thought they were very much banished from any station by 1990!

This is AMAZING news for Christopher Williams!

There was a show in the early 90s called Fit to Win which was an HTV/Meridian co-production and would feature a team from each region competing against each other.

Yes, though that, and NvS, came in the days when they were owned by the same company - the same is true of Carlton and Central who produced a couple of series shown in both regions, such as a TV adaptation of Just a Minute.

This Morning Worship is a bit different in that it predates all that consolidation, but as you can see it comes from Essex so presumably it was an Anglia production in terms of the editorial side but TVS provided the facilities because it was in their region. I do know that the Morning Worships - which of course came from a different region each week - always had a specific theme for Lent and all the episodes throughout that month were produced by a single region (in the One Day Of The Life Of Television book, Granada's head of religious programme talked about discussing who would produce the Lent series from 1989) so presumably Anglia were responsible for the series as a whole, but the individual regions they visited co-produced the specific programmes.

No different, I suppose, to Tyne Tees devising and managing Get Fresh and Highway but the individual regions producing the various episodes.

In one of the IBA Yearbooks there's a bit about a series for deaf viewers called Breakthrough which was a co-production between TSW and Grampian, which seems a bizarre combination. Got to cover the whole of the UK, I guess.
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Two interesting things from this clip from a Sunday morning on Anglia in 1990. Firstly a programme that was an Anglia and TVS Co-production (Did two ITV companies co-producing ever happen on any other programmes?).

Don't know what show it's from, but we have a Meridian/LWT one on TV Ark's LWT endboards page.


And a Grampian/Scottish one on Grampian's endboards page.
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