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Not sure I can entirely trust what Lostshows.com says though, as it lists 2 episodes from series 4 that Challenge have shown- and similarly most of the episodes of Bulleye it claims are missing are shown on Challenge too.

It is not authoritative - it may have the Kaleidoscope name on it but that's about all its got going for it. I suspect Kaleidoscope's time was taken up with the massive task of the Monkhouse archive and they just didn't get round to the online database.
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The BFI has a public listing of what they hold and in what format- and even that lists many holdings that lost shows lists as "missing" (or supposedl only existing on domestic format- but the BFI have on broadcast format)- some of which have even been digitised and available for viewing. So there's bound to be even more in broadaster & production company archives.
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I don't doubt it, there are many instances of programmes that are supposedly lost that turn out to have been around all along - like the initial ten episode run of Millionaire from 1998 that Challenge spent ages looking for was apparently not available/accessible/missing or whatever, and then it suddenly turned up one day. Also the story of some long-lost Doctor Who episodes that were apparently hiding in a cupboard on BBC premises.

I dare say the archive state and attitudes across the years varying from broadcaster to broadcaster complicates matters, from the BBC's own purges in the 1970s to the various ITV companies, in particular those that lost their licences in the 1968/1981/1991 rounds. While its probably safe to say the ITV companies (and the BBC for that matter) in the 1970s and 1980s weren't producing as much material as they do now, these days its all computerised and digital files, but to go through a shed load of old tapes which labels may not match what's actually recorded on them is time consuming.
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The Millionaire thing may well have been a contractual thing or whatever, with whoever owns it not able or willing to sell the rights rather than the tapes being "missing". I know there was a period a while back where Challenge were trying to get Gladiators, but ITV wouldn't sell it them for whatever reason, and I remember the same being true with the final series of 2point4 Children on Gold during the mid-late 00s. Obviously neither show was ever missing- and they've both been re-shown since then.

If anyone remembers, ITV had re-runs of (I think) the first 4 series of Millionaire in re-edited form in the summer of 2003 (with new Chris Tarrant intros, and some former constestant talking heads)- so I do doubt that that they were even actually missing- as I said above more likely rights wrangling (especially as the show's rights have changed hands several times since the mid-00s).
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It's Goodbye 2000 with Angus Deayton!

This has actually been up for two years, but I've only just noticed. This is rather different to the New Year's Eve shows Angus did in previous years - the 1995 and 1997 instalments of which are on YouTube, the latter alas only in camera-pointing-at-the-TV form - because those were based around stand-up, interviews and sketches, whereas this one is based around amusingly edited clips of the year's news and TV, with Angus popping up to deliver links written by himself and Danny Baker.

It's actually a follow-up to Goodbye To The Nineties, shown exactly one year earlier, which was absolutely brilliant and which I had on VHS for ages but sadly isn't on YouTube. They both use an A-Z format, and both end with Z for Zero Hour, a montage of images which in 1999 was backed by Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack and here by Porcelain by Moby.

A great show, the clips are brilliantly chosen and edited together, loads of funny bits from The Big Breakfast and GMTV and News 24 and so on, and Angus' links are very funny.
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Angus is a wonderful comic actor and writer, and it's a crying shame he doesn't do that on telly so much these days.

agree with both you and elmarko there steve, loved him on HIGNFY before he was sacked, not watched that programme since he left