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rob posted:
A little something from Naked Video...


Love it! Laughing

True class. I can remember some other Naked Video classics:

Arrow Where a chap says "No, I do not think a guy's car is an extension of his penis. No way!"
He then gets into a penis-shaped car which, as it passes two attractive girls, starts to go stiff and rise at one end...

Arrow And another one, where a doctor is carrying out an operation on someone and says "oh no, I've made an arse of it" - he then unwraps the bandages to reveal a backside in place of a head!

Arrow But the best one I remember seeing was just after the poll tax had been introduced in Scotland, three people all talking about their hobby.

No.1: "Hello, I'm a philaticist. I collect stamps." (sticks stamps in album)
No.2: "Hello, I'm a naturalist. I collect butterflies." (goes after butterfly with net)
No.3: "Hello, I'm a b*stard. I collect.... the poll tax!" (goes to knock on door)

Laughing Laughing Laughing
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