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I've seen it pop up on various high-profile videos and, to be honest, it's completely balls. People would have a better understanding if they were to lip read.

Indeed, here's a particularly humorous (or odd) example:


"This is Thames from London" = "This is James Truman". Laughing And look how it tries to transcribe the News at Ten theme!
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Yes, that's the reason why live subtitles for TV are 're-spoken' by someone who's trained the machine to recognise their voice. There's too many different accents and variable audio quality that will render voice recognition useless.

I notice that it's only on new videos and you have to request yours to be transcribed if you so wish. A shame, I wonder what it would do to CWilliam's videos Laughing

Mind you if you think Nicky's News at Ten example is bad, have a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2u_CIK0r1I It starts off by going on about 'Senator Clinton'!
Glad this topic was started as I was thinking of posting on the subject of YouTube and this should fit in here without needing a new thread.

Take a look at this video (it's mine but this is not spam, bare with me)...

This is a video of the time when BBC Breakfast accidentally broadcast an unbleeped version of an audio clip that containing swearing. I uploaded this video over a year ago and it was fine then. Over the last couple of days, I had a couple people commenting, saying they couldn't hear any swearing. When I watched the video again, it turns out that the audio clip has been removed.

I have had whole videos removed before and I have seen audio being disabled on whole videos before, but this is a new one on me. Has anyone else seen videos edited after they have been uploaded? Is that what has happened here or is it just an error and a coincidence that it is just one part that has been removed?

Another version of the video from another user also exists on YouTube and that has not been edited...

To bring this back on topic again, the subtitles on my video (which I typed myself) have not been edited, so are now incorrect.