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(August 2019)

Ne1L C Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Just seen this wonderful tweet.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)

bilky asko Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Just seen this wonderful tweet.

If you want to embed a tweet, you need to do the following:

  1. Find the tweet you wish to embed
  2. Click on the date / hour posted next to the Twitter handle (for the tweet you wanted, it's currently Aug 2)
  3. Copy the URL from the address bar (in this case - )
  4. Come onto Television Forum and click the Twitter button below the reply box
  5. Paste in the URL to the box provided and click OK
  6. The appropriate code will be entered into the reply box

Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
People in Wales prefer to drink Peroni? That must be heavily weighted by the residents of Cardiff Bay.

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