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What Is The Point Of Metropol ?

(January 2009)

I look in there occasionally because I genuinely am not sure what it is meant to be.
As far as I can see it's the same small monkey's troop of people posting but in a slightly racier way.
The design is certainly better than the rest of this site and they appear to enjoy using swear words.
But there does seem an awful lot of bottom-sniffing and in-jokes going on.
Admin appears to be the alpha-male of the troop judging by his smug grin and there's a small coterie of camp followers who whoop and holler every time he posts something.
From their pictures I don't recognise any of them which makes me think their knowledge of television is fairly slim and probably confined to a regular subscription to Heat magazine.
But I do find Metropol an occasional welcome diversion from a proper media website such as mediaguardian.
Keep up the good work chaps.
altrus Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
The forum discussing the forum discussinng television

Rolling Eyes

Thats the point
Mike W London London
Showbizguru posted:
What is the point of Metropol?

To bitch about you.
TG Meridian (South) South Today
Whoooooooooooooooooooooo! Yeaaahhh!

Pete Founding member STV North Reporting Scotland
doesn't this belong in media websites?
Hymagumba posted:
doesn't this belong in media websites?

Requests, surely?
Charlie Wells Moderator Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
"What's the point of Metropol" sounds like a phone in question, so is the answer...
a. An independent general chat site which replaced TV Forum's Lounge.
b. To discuss the forum discussing television.
c. Register and discover for yourself.
d. Only god knows it's purpose (allegedly).

In any case it seems to make far more sense to continue this in the existing Metropol thread,

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