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Changed my time zone to match my current location, and I'm now confused, because all posts are being made in the future. Now presumably that's because It's -4 hours from GMT here, but the post times don't match that?

For example, SomeRandomStuff posted on the Gallery at around midnight yesterday, but that comes up as in the 8pm hour instead?
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Rule Britannia on TVF. Loving the homepage animation this evening.

Thank you.

We've had a Union Jack logo on Metro since day #2 and yet no praise from you at all :'(

Pete, I forgot to mention, that Union Jack Logo over on Metro was brilliant, by the way. It was really classy. I see the guys at TVF stole your idea. The boundahs!

What are you doing to the logo for Hogmanay?
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Does anyone have a copy of how the forum used to look like back in 2004? its for TV live wiki:
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thank you.