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Colm (previously Col) 3,521 posts since 6 Jan 2003
Due to personal commitments at the moment and having little opportunity to update, I have decided to close down The Other UTV Website. The site will stay online probably until the end of the year.

I'm glad of the response I've had to the site over the past three years, it has been a labour of love and I feel OUTVW has served its purpose well. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site in terms of corrections, images and comments in the past three years; I couldn't have made the site without you.

If anyone on the forum is interested in taking on parts of the site for their own sites, or you'd like to use any of my content for your own sites, please get in touch via PM or, if you know my address, email me.
A former member
Sorry to hear this, it's an excellent site. Thanks for going to so much effort over the last few years to provide us with such a great resource.
A former member
That's a shame. I really enjoyed the site.