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(May 2007)

SCBNI (previously StevieB) UTV Newsline
Look what launched today...


Haven't noticed any trails on TV yet so I'm not sure whether this will just be contained to the website or not. I can just see them rebranding the Watch to Win competitions as UTV Play!
Surfer Dude
O great just what we need Rolling Eyes
dbl London London
Oh FFS, It actually makes ITV look good. Shocked Rolling Eyes
Colm Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
I am suprised by now that UTV don't opt out of Glitterball etc. to do their own money-grabbing quiz show in the early hours using the Watch to Win umbrella. I would see this as a vehicle for Julian (in a Greggles role) and possibly Audra (in a Debbie King role - corset optional).

Wait - that would involve a presenter having to work at Havelock House after midnight Wink
I quite like the UTV Play logo, it looks cheesy in a good way.

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