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Is it actually working at all? (January 2015)

cityprod West Country (West) Spotlight
Is anyone able to get the UTV Ireland Player to actually watch any of the programmes? I keep getting one ad, then a paused label popping up, with no ability to actually start it again, and it never goes beyond the first ad.

Is it working for anyone?
rdd Founding member
It worked for me last night, both web and iOS versions.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
I presume you are attempting to bypass the Geolock that's been on it since the channel started.

79 days later

cityprod West Country (West) Spotlight
Actually, it makes no difference whether I'm trying to undo the geoblock or not. I'd like to have a look at Ireland Live News but it never works, no matter what I do.

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