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MMcG198 UTV Newsline
Yes, I've seen the DS thread too. I'm sure I recall seeing the Beeb still switching off the burst in the mid 80s and beyond

Absolutely. It was happening well beyond 1982.

I've had many a conversation with BBC personnel over the years - engineers, pres staff etc. Just like most of the rest of us, they are there doing a job. Lots of things occupying their minds day-to-day, and various technical/operational functions to perform. And as the weeks and months pass, most of what was done day-to-day becomes a bit of a haze. If you asked me specifics about what projects I worked on 25 years ago, I'd probably struggle to go into much detail.

12 days later

DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Brit gets the C19 Vaccine

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VMPhil Granada North West Today

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Soupnzi London London
Love that promo. Also Brucie’s ‘Be there!’ is his early 90s catchphrase which never quite took off like all the others.
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james-2001 Central (East) East Midlands Today
I remember that trailer used to send my dad potty, he despised it!
Inspector Sands
A thread...

VMPhil Granada North West Today
A brilliant post from Reg Sanders, the internal memo for the BBC 1991 idents. It seems some of the idents have different names officially than what they’ve been known as online (e.g. ‘Copper’ and ‘Cut Out’)

ToasterMan Granada North West Today
This passage right here confirms my suspicions about the "Stereo" tag being introduced at the end of August 1991, even though the BBC had been airing various Stereo-produced programmes since the 1986 Proms.

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Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Inappropriately placed continuity announcement #23:

ToasterMan Granada North West Today
On a side note, note how it specifically mentions about folks adjusting to the new channel identities and enforcing the BBC name within continuity announcements and the corporate logo in the idents, which was certainly true by 1993, as Alan Yentob became controller of BBC One and Michael Jackson for BBC Two.

As someone else mentioned in another thread, and as clarified in the Ravensbourne University Archive description of the corporate identity sting produced in late 1989, (which subsequently became the ident for BBC Video two years later), the competition from other channels suddenly made the BBC take corporate branding into much greater consideration.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
What was the difference between the 'Corporate' and 'Campaign' promotional styles?
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Inspector Sands
This is a great clip of something I never knew was even a thing let alone something that was televised. The start of BBC 2's coverage of the Canberra Cruises World Bridge Trophy.

There's just so much in there too, from the random opening sequence, to the set, the misjudged attempt at glamour, and the graphics done on a BBC Micro

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