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Granada North West Today
Transdiffusion yesterday posted a Telegraph article from 1971 regarding a potential ITV2. In addition to this the one and only Dave Jeffrey made some pretty decent mock ideas of how ITV2 would look amongst the Big 5... (see Tweet chain)

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The Thames 2, Granada 2, and LW2 logos look realistic, but I really can't see ATV2 or Yorkshire 2's looking like that.

The Granada one looks familiar, didn't they use it, without the 1, for their. 21st anniversary?

The ATV one is quite clever but I don't think they ever have come up with it. How realistically they'd be used would depend on how good an ident they would make. They're all good but they were designed as logos, I don't think most would be feasible on air
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Surprising colour scheme. Thought it would have yellow, not green. After all, that's what colour both Yorkshire and Tyne Tees's logos were.

Yes, very colourful! This was slapped over the top of the YTV ident (possibly for international export purposes). Here's the accompanying endcap:

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One for all you BBC News countdown fans

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