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As we start another Monday of throughout-the-day coverage for a new week on ITV Creates, this also marks an important milestone in terms of website updates...


Yes, it's now reached an entire year of having an update every single day on the site! I'm planning to keep going for the time being, although I won't lie given the general lack of interest from folks in seeing an update *every* day and the need to spend more time on developing new features, I won't guarantee there'll not be an occasional day or so skipped in the future. 365 days is still a proud target to have reached though!

Updates on the site most recently have included more for our March European Channel Roundup (which got extended slightly to April obviously) with coverage from DMAX Germany (so you can now compare it to the UK) and RTL II, BBC Four's 'Born Digital' season, and archive stuff for Channel 4 Nightime from the 80s, Tyne Tees from the 90s and ITV in the early 2000s.

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You can always follow the newest updates on the latest updates page, which also has an RSS feed available if anyone still uses those!
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