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TV Whirl (at 5) - Revision 13 (5/4/2006)

The *real* 7th day of the birthday celebrations (April 2003)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
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TV Whirl - Revision 8 -

I surprised myself actually, in that I had this update finished for yesterday, although obviously I didn't put it up until today, as that's the date I'd set.

Anyway, Revision 8 is the biggest single update to the site ever, with 200 files added. 166 of these were inherited from Ashley's TV Box site, whilst the other 34 were by me.

This means Yorkshire and Granada appear on the site for the first time. There's also now the openings from the Weather forecasts, mainly showing the short sponsorship ads used. The News section has been divided up, as it was all becoming too big for one page.

Going into a bit more detail, the new stuff is as follows:-

Adverts - 3 New Files - Mms 1996, Anchor Butter 1994 and Flora Buttery 1998
TV Logos - 113 New files - 41 for ITV1
6 for five
5 for Channel 4
8 for the BBC
38 for Yorkshire Television
8 for Granada
4 for Super RTL
2 for UKTV
1 for Tyne Tees Television
Gameshows - 1 New file - With the 1991 opening titles to 'Going For Gold'
Mistakes - 5 New files - 3 From Yorkshire, 1 from the ITV News, and the other from German Channel Super RTL
Soaps - 1 New file - The 2003 Opening titles to Neighbours
Weather - 33 New Files - 8 For Granada
13 For Yorkshire
3 For Tyne Tees
9 For ITV National
News - 44 New Files - 7 For the BBC (Regional and News 24)
16 For Granada
18 For Yorkshire Television
2 for Tyne Tees
1 For National ITV

As so many people were having problems accessing the site over the last few weeks, I've moved hosts again, to a much more reliable server. Hopefully I remembered to change the settings on all the pages, but if you find any problems, let me know. There's even a 'report a broken link' feature on the site now as, with such a big update, I'm bound to have messed up with the links somewhere! Wink

~ Terence
Great update and thanks for adding the Going For Gold titles aswell, such great quality. When do you plan on adding the results for The Worst Ad Award? Great site and it's nice to see the TV Box stuff back online aswell.
tesandco Founding member
Thanks NWTV2003. Very Happy

I normally add the Worst Ad Award stuff on the nearest Saturday to the end of the month. As the end of this month falls on a Wednesday, it was difficult to decide whether to include it next Saturday, or Yesterday. Instead I decided to go for a compromise, and upload the results for it in the middle of the week, in other words sometime Wednesday evening.
tesandco Founding member
Revision 8.1

As promised, the Worst Ad Awards were updated on Wednesday night. Moving on to this weekends update, there's 8 new files, 4 from Yorkshire Weather and 4 From Granada Weather. All thanks to Ashley B of TVBox/Thisisfive. Very Happy
tesandco Founding member
Revision 8.2

5 New files this weekend. All of them are from the current set of ITV1 Granada idents, hence feature the local 'celebrities'. They can be found on the ITV1 Regions page.

8 days later

tesandco Founding member
Hmm.... I know I'm a bit later than usual (By about 7 hours Shocked ), but it wasn't my fault! Tripod's FTP was down 'for maintenance' most of the day, and only started working again this evening.

Still, better late than never. This weekend, there's 4 new files, in both Windows Media and Real Media format again (There haven't been any WMV files for a few weeks now!). 3 of them are from BBC Three, with two of the 'blob' idents, and a new style promo, whilst the other is the special 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' ident from ITV1.
tesandco Founding member
Revision 8.4

4 New files this weekend. There's 3 files from the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire version of Look North on the BBC Regional News page, as well as another Channel 4 ident; a sport version. All of these were thanks to Ashley again.

8 days later

tesandco Founding member
Revision 8.5

This weekend there's 4 more ITV1 Yorkshire celebrity idents, supplied by Ashley, both long and short versions. There's also a breakdown from UK Gold last week on the mistake page.

Finally, The worst ad award winner for April has been announced, and May's nominations added.

8 days later

tesandco Founding member
Revision 8.6

3 new files this weekend. There's the 1989 opening titles from Knightmare, a new Tyne Tees Weather intro, and the opening titles from the BBC's Election Coverage in 2001.

Currently there's a few problems with the hosting of the files, thanks to Tripod's new ad policy. Basically, it means you now have to left click on links, put up with an odd ad, and use the back button! I'm working on solving it soon though.
tesandco Founding member
Revision 8.7

3 new files, all from the ITV Weather this weekend. There's 2 different length openings from late last year, and the accompanying closing sequence.

I come up with a slightly better way to get round the ads as well. If you 'right click and save target as' like before. If the save as box displays 'tvwhirl.htm', simply click cancel, and retry the link. If it doesn't work first time, it usually works the second.
South Today
Is it just me or is there a problem with the Calendar downloads??

The "right click and save target as" doesn't work. Confused:
tesandco Founding member
Well, they're working for me. (or at least the few I've just tried are). What exactly is happening when you try the links. I'll see if I can figure out what's going on.

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