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But I don't know what's prompted it this time.

The clue is in the tweet. Wink

Ooh, are we getting a TV Ark/TV Room collaboration - something more so than just Mike's footage slowly making its way over to the Ark? Wink

Frankly, given Mike's history of announcing massive projects with the TV Room and then bailing out of them (just look at previous threads on this matter) it's slightly concerning. And absolutely no disrespect to the TV Ark guys, who have a wonderful collection of footage and are probably my favourite pres site of the lot, but infrastructure upgrades haven't been their strong point. I still remember the 2006 relaunch that took an age to restore the site to its full content, and whilst the upgrade to flash video a few years ago was very worthwhile (and well done) many of the features promised for a v2 have never appeared.

I just hope that this project doesn't lead to us losing TV Ark content, too, as both websites get caught up with another big infrastructure change project. As I really appreciate all you guys do with regards the content uploads, and I'd hate for all that to be lost.
The 2006 relaunch has YET to fully restore all the pages.