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(May 2020)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
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The TV Room had close it’s main site, but Clean Feed and Showreel will remain open.

The site is currently unavailable
The experimental version of The TV Room launched in late-2018 has now closed. The trial proved unsuccessful.

We’re currently assessing other options.

In the meantime, the Clean Feed and Showreel sites remain available.
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I wonder if they’ll ever bring back the classic TV Room, it was a great replacement for TV Ark while it was gone and the TV Listings area was a favourite of mine.

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Now the website’s saying that it will be back later this month, with a new format.
More info on the new format.
Each week, we’ll publish our favourite on-air work in each of the following categories:

Continuity Announcements Idents Promotions Programme Titles Advertisements Set Designs
At the end of the year, we’ll select one overall favourite in each category.

Although we monitor lots of channels, we can’t see/hear everything. You can help influence the weekly result, by drawing our attention to projects currently airing. Use our Contact Form to tell us about a project(s).

If you’re a continuity announcer, let us know about any highlight junctions in advance, and we’ll do our best to record it and include it in our weekly deliberations.

Our Twitter feed will promote other new work in the above categories.
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Updates have returned!
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