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Very observant. No new look planned, just an updated logo. Yes, another one... don't moan about it.

In what way am I moaning? Sorry for bringing it up Embarassed

That wasn't aimed at you... just the usual people who moan about me changing the logo on a regular basis. Smile

That’s fair enough but why does it change on a regular basis?
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Just in case anyone has mist this: QVC is now gone unfortunately, which is a shame. Mind you QVC are actually pretty bad at looking after its archive in some respects.

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Is the next post dreaded?
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TV Live is now using HTTPS. You can now visit the site via https://www.tvlive.website

Updates to the site today include the Sky News revamp, and the new channel Together.

Due to some technical issues, I've had to disable HTTPS for the moment. I hope to have the issues resolved soon. Apologies to anyone trying to visit the site, but couldn't due to the problems.

(Thanks to Andrew Wood for the heads-up.)
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