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HAPPY Birthday TVLIVE 10 years, so much has changed since 2007, including the world of TV pres. In case someone people have been under a rock "ashley b" is joining the team at TV Live, Again still no fan of BBC One, were find someone who like that look Very Happy That the one big problem with helping run a pres site, you have to look for the stuff people hate.....

I have been part of TV live project for 4 years, I've learnt so much over that period in how website runs and how much work it really takes. Its something inside us all which gives us that spake to keep on going. Of course we can't rely on our lauries or is that hardys so here's to another 10 years hopeful I'll still be around for the ride. But to leave this I would like to go over some of the best TV I've seen over the past ten years as a small tribute:

I really like the current presentation used by Quest, it's well designed and place logo is highly effective to bring together all its pres.

Food Network:
Xmas 13 and 14:
Its just so simple and straight forwards, its colourful and just looks so xmasy

It's weird and wonderful but not over the top, and just ticks all the right boxes.

Channel 5
For its sheer cheekyness for sponsored ontent, the amount of idents that were sponsored must be what 60?

BBC ONE stings 2015 and 2016
I know alot of people hate theses but I thought again very simple and just brightened up the channel!

Is the next post dreaded?
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Thank you for the kind words. I would have loved to have been celebrating the anniversary with a few drinks, but I've been arranging a funeral today and it's been a very difficult week for me.

As 623058 said, Ashley B is joining the team very soon to provide additional coverage of current presentation, and I'm looking forward to his contributions.

Let's see what the next 10 years hold for the site... Smile
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I've had a lot of fun contributing to TV Live since I joined in 2015 and I hope the site manages to prosper over the next ten years. The site has had its ups-and-downs but it has managed to prevail time and time again.

Thank you Rob for creating such a valuable resource and keeping presentation alive.
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Congrats on ten years online, and much respect for Rob for not having given up on the site after the many occasional hosting problems that have cropped up over the years just to make things difficult. A surprising number of pres sites shutter up long before reaching a decade, so it's quite a milestone to get to.
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Happy 10th Birthday! Especially in this world of social media video and YouTube, it's good to see some TV presentation sites still alive and kicking in 2017.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Why not take a look at some of the updated pages at TV live this week:

* http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/itv/itv/itv-2013-idents/itv-2013-idents/itv-special-idents/
* http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/bbc/bbc-four/2005-present/bbc-four-special-idents-2005/
* http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/itv/itv/itv-2013-idents/itv-2013-idents/itv-idents-spring-2013/
* http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/other/entertainment/horror-channel/horror-channel-2017/
* http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/uktv/dave/2007-2014/
Is the next post dreaded?
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From the Sky menu:
Sky1 is the flagship BSkyB entertainment channel available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Might want to adjust that slightly, along with any other BSkyB references on that page. BSkyB no longer exists. It's Sky UK now.

And the Sky Sports menu looks like it takes content from the individual pages - but that doesn't look good.
A new look to Sky Sports was revealed in 1993. Sky Sports 2 was launched in August 1994. Sky Sports Ident Sky Sports 2 Ident Sky Sports Promo
Is there some way to change that?
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