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Nick Harvey5,036 posts since 11 Nov 2001
NewsWatch posted:
people were talking as if she was ill

No. People weren't talking as if "she" was anything.

James Hatts refers to "he" in the post immediately above yours.

Martin Anderson refers to "him" in the post four above yours.

I fail to understand how you can say "people were talking" when you quite obviously failed to read the previous posts in the thread to which you were replying.
Lee1,512 posts since 16 Sep 2003
Welcome to my level NewsWatch, I thought he was a she too when I first joined. It didn't take me quite as long as you to work it out though.
A former member
I would bring back identz, but I don't really have any worthwhile content. ha! Laughing
Pete9,047 posts since 18 Jun 2001
Oh how fab, it's archived Max.

For example, in a post where the totally fabulous tvmercia posts about his redesigned website, we get
"Hey Andy,

Can i help you on your website.

As i live in the same region as you i bet i can help.

Stuart7,351 posts since 13 Oct 2003
Nini posted:
Yeah, suggest you goto TV Home and find out who Asa is, you'll be pleasntly surprised and hopefully embarrased.

Just seen the clip on TV Home. I always realised that Asa was male, but not that he was so young (or good looking - lol !)