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It's obviously a deliberate decision to run Tipping Point at 15:58, though its only your standard 48 minute of programme so they obviously think its worth padding the gap out for five minutes with trailers and what not at the other end.

Mind you that entire afternoon schedule is slightly haphazard on ITV, the 1:30 news is a minute or so earlier, Judge Rinder was a minute or so early, Tenable was a minute late and Tipping Point is two minutes ahead of schedule.
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An unintended consequence of launching this site now is that we'll now have copies of the entire last day of the '2' (and the first day tomorrow).

Well, almost all! It seems to have a problem with long programme names - the 6am show (and Monkman’s) did record, just didn’t make it onto the website. Hopefully an easy bug to fix.

Although I’ve set it to record repeats, it didn’t record Chase The Case or the A1 show. The latter is oddly listed (on my Virgin app at least) as being first shown on the previous day, so I think someone’s screwed up the metadata there.

What happens when the ident isn't shown such as here: https://tvhome.co.uk/bbc-two/2018/09/21/1800

Is it because the signal wasn't sent or it was, just not received?

Good question. As far as I know it continually checks when the ‘next’ programme becomes the ‘now’ one but in this case seemed to be right at the start of the programme. Odd, as BBC Two is generally really accurate. Early running programmes shouldn’t be an issue - thanks to The One Show it starts listening over 3 minutes before the published start time now!
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Today One show is now starting 1min later than billed I wonder if the system will still work?
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Why cant it pick up the green sea type ident thats always on at 15.45.?
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Yeah, I’ll upload the missing ones. I have a theory on the ones that didn’t record too so hopefully can sort that.

It checks within about a 5min window so -3/+2mins which seems to be enough, short of any major schedule changes it probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with.

Why cant it pick up the green sea type ident thats always on at 15.45.?

BBC Two? Probably the length of the programme name.
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The final announcement of the night always seems to record from the BBC News ident, rather than BBC One. Not sure why they would treat that junction any different, would love to know if anyone has any ideas. For other junctions, there doesn't seem to be any pattern - one day, half the recordings were opening titles rather than idents Confused I'd be interested to know who/what triggers it in the system.

The EIT Present/Following signal will be triggered by an event in the automation playlist, which will be a subevent attached to the parent event that plays the media and routes it to air.

It's likely that they are attaching the subevent to whatever event preceeds the programme event. For the majority of programmes this will be the ident, but for anything with additional stings preceeding the programme, such as joining BBC News and possibly BBC Music branded programming, it will be that sting instead.