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TV Forum: New for (the middle of) 2020

Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
A really nice new look. Love the little Kudos animation. It does however mean that posts not worthy of a Kudos may get one from me.
RDJ posted:
Oh wow! What a treat! Very familiar but different!

Minor gripe alert.... it's all a bit big. Is it possible to make the topics smaller and the image on the front page smaller?

You have to swipe down to access the forums and within the forums you only have one and a half topics at a glance when you used to have about four or five.

I disagree with this, though it's of course a matter of taste. I really like the amount of breathing space on the site.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Love the front page image.
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Right, what’s going on here? I see loads of new things around here! 👍👍
@JamesWorldToday | Thank you for everything, TV Forum. And good luck to TV Live Forum
I love this! So many nice touches and it's awesome you implemented a dark mode which follows system settings. As ever Asa, thank you.
mdtauk London London
Very fresh and welcoming - and very modern. Excellent work Asa
TVMan Central Reporting Scotland
Love love love it Asa!
Inspector Sands
How the heck am I 4th in the Kudos league? I am flattered but not sure if that means I make funny/good posts or whether I just spend too much time here.

Watch out, I'm catching up on you, Whataday, VMPhil and Brekkie! Laughing
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Now that the signatures have been changed, I can retire the version of my sig that had a white background to hide the horizontal rule. But now in dark mode it will completely disappear because it's black. Hmm… maybe I will switch to the BBC News inspired version someone made a while back.

Congratulations on the new design, I think the only thing I would echo is that there does seem to be a lack of contrast in some places (like the page numbers) but overall it's a very nice redesign.
PATV Scunthorpe Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
All looks wonderful, for the moment I agree with the comments on it being a tad big, but I'll get used it considering we're not as familiar with this look yet.

The only thing I have noticed is that the Gallery homepage doesn't seem to have the green highlight for pointing out new posts in a topic.
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Not sure if it's been mentioned already, but any "Last edited by" notes are invisible when in dark mode.
paul_hadley London London
Lovely stuff

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