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TV Forum: New for (the middle of) 2020

(June 2020)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Brilliant job Asa! As nice as the old site was, it was due a refresh in my opinion - I can remember this design being in use when I was 11 or 12 and lurking here - hard for me to believe that was the best part of 5 years ago!
bkman1990, TVMan and Anglialad gave kudos
bilky asko
I think this page: would do better if it could be sorted by clicking on the headers of the table like you see on Wikipedia tables, rather than clickable buttons at the top. Just seems more "natural" to click on the headers.

Surprised to see I've been here nearly 20 years and I've only ever given out 16 Kudos in all that time, although I suppose that feature wasn't around in 2001 - think it was added about 10 years ago?

The Kudos league tables are fantastic fun - clearly you have discerning kudos tastes!
Love the new look Asa!
It certainly functions much better on mobile.
Blimey, I'm second in the highest kudos ranks.
I love the landing page with the BBC One balloon, the Meridan sun, the RC Car 2, the ITV/London Weekend building with the added stripes, there's so much good detail in the landing page.

Still got to get used to the new style but hey, to make it look fresher is always a great bonus.
I definitely like the new look as it brings the site up to date, without losing that classic "TV forum" theme (including the emoticons). Only suggestion would be to possibly add a layout size settings mode in which changes font sizes and such to be smaller as with the old design, or somewhere inbetween (kind of like the options Google introduced to their layouts in 2011) Very Happy
Rolling News
Brilliant update. Initially I was annoyed this morning when the site was down but this is great!
There's some lovely touches here – the kudos animation, the truncating of quotations, the 'sticky' page navigation. I'm sure there's plenty to discover. Really nice work. Thank you for all your efforts.
Oh wow! What a treat! Very familiar but different!

Minor gripe alert.... it's all a bit big. Is it possible to make the topics smaller and the image on the front page smaller?

You have to swipe down to access the forums and within the forums you only have one and a half topics at a glance when you used to have about four or five.

Otherwise I like a lot! I do hope we're in for a treat at Christmas as I always loved the previous light/dark Christmas look!

EDIT: The successfully posted pop-up is gorgeous!
London Lite Founding member
A shame I couldn't remember my original username, otherwise I'd be a founding member also joining in 2001.
This is sick!
Inspector Sands
Looks nice, I was still getting the off air page for ages as I was just refreshing the page with that on.

I must sort out a user pic as it looks like I'm a member of Islamic State!

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