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TV Forum: New for (the middle of) 2020

Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
Welcome to a new look! Hope you like it, you'll find everything pretty much in the same place but I think it's a bit fresher. It's also the first time every page has been given a makeover at the same time. A few main bits to note...

  • Private messages have been unshackled after almost 20 years of being in a tiny popup. Messages are also threaded like a topic, rather than the SMS-of-the-'90s vibe we've had until now.
  • As well as the overall vote, Gallery designs are now broken down by individual rating.
  • Dark mode! You can turn it on via your User settings and either have it on all the time, just at night or based on whatever your system settings are. There may be some corners of the site I've forgotten to style, please let me know.
  • Starting today, new members will not immediately have access to Request topics.
    It's a 2-step process, with permission to then be able to post later on. Hopefully this will stop people using this site purely for requests and encourage some more meaningful posts elsewhere.
  • Search: it now works! almost works Sad - exact phrases aren't currently being matched.

I'm sure there will be some bugs in places, I've had a snagging list arms length for a while so at some point I needed to just get it live.
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Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Nice! Me like!
DavidWhitfield Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Well done. Looks great to me. Will flag up any issues if I find them, but well done on a great-looking spruce up. New rules on new members/requests seems sensible and the new 'thread' messaging is much better. Great job.
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jrmswell Meridian (South East) South East Today
Yes, this is very nice. I like the new design, I browse a lot on mobile and I appreciate the previous/next at the top as well as the bottom now. Good work!
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DeMarkay London London
Wow, what a lovely surprise!
dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
I like it, but could you please make the page numbering a little more obvious somehow as there's not much difference in the background colour so not immediately obvious which page of the thread I'm on.


Also, "Last edited by" is in black text in dark mode.
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bilky asko Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Asa posted:
  • As well as the overall vote, Gallery designs are now broken down by individual rating.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see that introduced!

And I do like the addition of the avatar to posts, that should make things easier to follow.

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Lovely work. I'm definitely a fan.

EDIT: I love the kudos animation and how it pops up and down when you click it.
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nwtv2003 Granada North West Today
This is a great update Asa, it looks far better, I use it mostly on Safari on iPhone and it’s a massive improvement.
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
I think this page: would do better if it could be sorted by clicking on the headers of the table like you see on Wikipedia tables, rather than clickable buttons at the top. Just seems more "natural" to click on the headers.

Surprised to see I've been here nearly 20 years and I've only ever given out 16 Kudos in all that time, although I suppose that feature wasn't around in 2001 - think it was added about 10 years ago?
London Lite Founding member London London
I haven't looked on my phone browser yet, but on Desktop Chrome it's fantastic!
Toasty603 Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
This looks lovely!
bkman1990, bilky asko and Josh gave kudos

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