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Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
2) The highlighting on the page counters seems wrong. At the moment, 1 has a highlight around it, 2 doesn't, but we're on page 2, and the 1 is actually a link. This is inverse to every other site with similar page counters.

However, it is in line with every clickable button shown on the page: ie all the solid-blue boxes are links.
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Mike W London London
Having previously used phpBB and Ikonboard, the site changed in March 2009 to use a script custom built by the administrator. The software and site design was updated in June 2011. Emoticon icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane.

Was it abandoned then? That's from the About page!
Mike W London London
First post on the new neon site - very nice, one thing I'd like is the return of controlling email notifications from the site, such as new PM etc - it's just not visible on any of the edit profile pages!
VMPhil Granada North West Today
New emoticons? Does that mean goodbye to * and * after all these years?
Really like the new look. There's some great new features - especially 'quick reply' - and the updated design is lovely. I love the new layout of the different pages too - really smart and logical.

However, I'd echo others - the 'latest'/'updated' link doesn't seem to work as it should for me. It says updated when threads aren't, and clicking on it usually takes me to the wrong post or none at all.

Also (and I don't think it's been pointed out already) - the feeds link in the 'more' menu is broken.
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Did I see ?view=newest#newest appended to the forum thread links earlier, because they seem to have gone now?

Also, <niggle> I'd much prefer to see the 'Previous' and 'Next' page links directly under the last post, rather than having to scroll further down and to the right to find them.
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ashley b Founding member Granada North West Today
Also, &lt;niggle&gt; I'd much prefer to see the 'Previous' and 'Next' page links directly under the last post, rather than having to scroll further down and to the right to find them.

Yes, I keep thinking there isn't one there and you have to scroll to the top (though i suppose I'll get used to it).

I'd echo the "last new post" problems too, shows that a thread is "updated" even though there's no new posts if the any post has happened since you fist came to the site, even if you've already read it. it's not very clear when there has been new posts.

Otherwise all looks great though.
What a wonderful new site - really, really well designed! Love the new Gallery and the image integration. Ton's of new features to play with, and the overall design is a one of beauty! Smile Top work Asa and Co!
FishCalledEric East Midlands Today
This is epic!
Love the addition of animation (such as expanding of log in box) - nice touch. And, I justcan't get over how much nicer the layout is - feels far more intuitive.
Great work!
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Known for a while as rightok32
Is there any way of making the 'latest post' thing behave like phpBB3 by the way? I think the info is stored in the database rather than a cookie. Often on TV Forum, I think 'there's a lot of updated topics here, I'll come back later when I have a bit more time' and then, on coming back, find that it's 'forgotten' and shows all the topics as having no new posts. Which they don't, but I haven't read them.
Absolutely love the new Beta version of the site... utterly superb in every way. Very Happy
Critique Anglia (East) Look East
It's absolutely lovely, Asa! When I saw the bar on the old homepage, I really was pleasantly surprised. Yes, some things will take time to get used to, but overall, all these new things that have been added are excellent! It almost seems a shame, though, that the latest from Metropol has been condensed. I used to like to pop onto the homepage and see what was going on across TVF and Metro, but that's just me. And thank you for sticking my 'Guide to Mocking' in the side bar in the Gallery! Although I see that bug where, if you're in a Gallery thread you started, you still can't see the rating.

All in all, it's lovely. Congratulations!

EDIT: There's a 'hide poor designs' option in the Gallery! Fantastic!
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