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Can I just ask for the reasoning for having a swear word filter? We're all grown ups surely?

Not everybody.
fellow TV Forum member Ethan05 has posted on Digital Spy previously and already admitted to being 12 years old, having being introduced to us from there for some reason I can't recall. Since Master Ethan posts on there and on here on the same sort of topics, its safe to assume its the same individual.

The chap who did all those "Slash TV" mocks in the Gallery a while back I think was only about 15 and I'm sure there is at one other member who's at least 14.

Now that being said, this is not Neopets or CBeebies, but I seem to recall Google can drop you down their listings if your site is full of material the spiders don't like:

However I dare say there is nothing that been said here that your average 13 year old hasn't already heard in comprehensive/secondary school playgrounds.
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Lou Scannon
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In which particular Alternative Reality do people not know most/all swear words until the day that they turn 18?! Rolling Eyes
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I'm not overly precious on the whole swearing thing but we're not specifically an 'adults only' site (hang on...that came out wrong) so some basic filtering seems reasonable. It has been relaxed over the years.

The requests forum can also be viewed publicly now, previously it was members only access.

Nothing has changed there - the forum page is public, topic pages require a login. And I don't think there has ever been a restriction on posting in the Requests forum. It's a bit annoying just having members sign up to pester people in there, and not contribute to the site in general.

Any suggestions on improvements? Maybe removing all knowledge of the forum publicly and once signed up, creating new topics only after a certain number of posts?
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I’ve seen worse swear filters in some mobile games.

One game by Supercell has the worst filter. If you’re typing in the group chat with no swearing intended and some of or the whole sentence gets filtered out because the detector has matched a combination of letters which are classed as ‘bad’
Have you washed your hands?
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Neil Jones6,481 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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Ah, the famous Scunthorpe Problem, right? Where an innocent word happens to contain a swear word?

Seems to have attracted a big list of "affected" media in the comments, though half of me is interested to know what game apparently censors "hello" (see the "Generic User" comment), but the other half says they've just made that up for hope of "being" the top comment on a Tom Scott video...