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Well that's a shame, in all the years the calendar has been there it hasn't been abused...until now. Don't know if they thought they would be totally anonymous or not? Either way, "TellyFan" won't be posting here anymore.

I'll err on the side of caution over the likelihood of the C4 show Very Happy
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Asa will know who made that post.. Im surprised people think an Admin can't see every aspect on this forum.

Oh I know Asa will be able to see who submitted it. But by posting it to the calendar rather than as a forum post their username isn't attached publicly.

Perhaps the addition of a subtle Created by <username> in the bottom right corner of each calendar event would serve to discourage such behaviour in the future.
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I'm surprised TV Fourm isn't doing anything for April Fool Day. I was hoping the name would change to TV Fourmness Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
The Tuesday 6-9 Show With Michael

Every Tuesday

(Hopefully) on Burnley College Radio.
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