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I dont bother anymore, its are the VERY end...
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I dont bother anymore, its are the VERY end...

Ok, one year I'm just going to leave you off it now Wink

A thanks to the 764 members and their 52,000 posts across 800 topics this year!

I can confirm nothing has been updated on this is five for a good long while.

Yep, no idea. Detection is usually by using an RSS feed or the Last-Modified page header but there's neither for thisisfive so it's good old fashioned page source code comparison. I don't keep copies of past versions so not sure why it thought it was different. I've disabled that one for now.

For some reason I can't access TV Forum on my home WiFi (Hyperoptic), works fine on my phone with WiFi switched off. No other site is affected. Any ideas how I fix it?

Send me a PM of your IP address and I'll have a look. Some IPs have been blocked over the years because of spammers.

Joe - thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure about the buttons but I'll take a look. There is a new site design sat half finished which is frustrating but I don't want to have yet another design on the site when areas are already a bit of a mishmash.

Every now and then, I see the "Latest Site Videos" link to this thread and just this thread alone which dates back to 2015: https://tvforum.uk/forums/post974697#post-974697

Is there a reason for this happening?

It sounds like a cached file hasn't been regenerated for some time! Another one I'll have a look at.
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It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you see your name, doesn't it?
My tweet was read out on BBC Four's Eurovision coverage and Rylan Clark-Neal replied to it. That's all.
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I find the mobile experience to be good generally, but it could be better. I find certain buttons don’t seem to want to respond – especially the next page button. I find I often have to zoom right in to get it to recognise my press. I also wonder if the header could be sticky, to enable navigating to the forum page and homepage to be quicker.

I’d just like to offer my opinion that sticky headers are horrible and I’d hate to see TV Forum adopt them.
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