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Granada North West Today
Thank you Asa, very kind! Smile

It seems I was here later than I thought so I must have had another account before this one. I do remember the IRC chat and was certainly around for the end of OnDigital and the re-brand to ITV Digital.

Actually, just found it:


Seems I had a gap between the words originally. And that was because I was planning to launch a TV news website, in the vain of the old DS, with the name of 'The Potato'. I think one of the other forumers from here was working on it with me, though we didn't get very far.

Asa; would you be so kind as to change it one more time for me? It would be so wonderful if you would be able to.

Also, I hope everyone has had a lovely day!
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Granada North West Today
For some reason on the Android Google Chrome mobile version of the site any new Gallery topics are opening at the top of the 2nd page instead of on the 1st. It's not an inconvenience really because I can just press 'previous' but just something to note.
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