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Neil Jones5,950 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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In my opinion, TVForum should have an app.

Apps need provide some benefit to the user or do something that would otherwise be awkward to do on a mobile or tablet.
Considering all TV Forum boils down to is being a web based message board (which you can contribute to through any browser on any device anyway which is itself technically an app), I fail to see what benefit a separate app would bring me. Push notifications? My web browser can do that (if I let it, which I don't, as I find them incredibly irritating).

Anyway just because one can make an app doesn't mean its going to be any good. I dare say I could find an app that allows me to scratch my backside by my phone's vibration alerts. But by the time I've moved the phone around its far easier just to use one's digits to do the same job since they're in the same general area anyway...
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JasonB5,236 posts since 20 Sep 2003
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I find the forums work fine with no hassle on the iPhone’s safari browser. Unless an app can offer something the browser cannot we don’t need one for now.
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Rather than that, there's an issue that needs to be fixed at the 'featured post' section below "About the site" on the main page. If a featured post contains an image, I see a lengthy address to the image file instead of the image itself. Sometimes, this results in a broken page layout whenever I browse on a smartphone. Could you fix the problem by making it display an image at certain size?

Also, can we have a 'Mark this thread as unread' option?