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Welcome to the new TV Forum. The update has been due for a while so I decided that instead of another round of beta testing on the other site, to just go for it. Otherwise it would have 2014 at this rate. Thanks to everyone who helped test, suggest ideas or point me in the direction of a bug. Some design tweaks have gone ahead and hopefully a lot of the bugs are fixed!

Many of the 'secondary' pages remain on the old design and will be updated over time. There are no doubt quite a few niggles which will be sorted and the search isn't quite working as intended at the moment.

Couple of new features though...

We've introduced a kudos/like/+1 feature so if you're logged in and want to show some appreciation to a poster for a particularly interesting or helpful post, simply click the thumb icon. Why not have a look back over some topics you found interesting and kudo a couple of members to begin with?

Responsive design
The main pages have been responsively designed so the site should be easier to use and read on mobiles on tablets - no more pinching and zooming on a smartphone. I've only been able to test with a couple of devices so feedback on how it looks for others would be great.

Poster images
If you'd like to add your Facebook/Twitter/etc. photo to appear on the forum page, simply edit your profile. And if you already have a Gravatar account set up with your TVF email address, it'll automatically start showing the photo (it can be turned off if you edit your profile).

Cheers, Asa
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LOL I now get this: You are using an outdated browser. Please update to Internet Explorer 8 or above, or another modern browser.

... I am using Internet Explorer 9 !!

Sadly I don't like it that much, so messy, can't find anything. Sad
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