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Gavin Scott8,284 posts since 23 Mar 2001
STV Central Reporting Scotland
Quite interesting to read how old some of you were then you signed up here, yet current young people usually get chastised (sometimes rightly so).

Happy Birthday

I was 29 when the forum started.

Happy birthday.

Wow. You're well younger than me, then. Who'd have thought it...............? (Joke, joke.......)

And the really weird thing? I only look 24 now.
Asa3,298 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
Meridian (South East) South East Today
Ah yes ... the catastrophic TVForum database meltdown of January 2003, I remember that! IIRC, all posts since the
transition from the old Ikonboard forum to phpBB, up until one fateful day 8 yrs ago, and everyone's postcounts
got reset to zero.

Yep, 3rd Jan if I remember right. I don't think I've ever been more gutted about something to do with the site than that day. My host simply didn't do DB backups and I was very hit and miss with it (if at all probably) but quite a lot of Ikonboard flat file topics are still floating around in old TV Home cgi-bin folders! Including ones from the temporary Election forum of 2001 (remember that?!)
chris4,047 posts since 6 Jul 2005
Granada North West Today
Has anybody got any screenshots to show how the design of the forum has progressed? Would be interesting to see (I have a memory of a fish and can't even remember what the design prior to this one was like even though it only changed a couple of years ago if that).
GMc2,579 posts since 15 Nov 2005
STV Central Reporting Scotland
Can't believe I have been on here for more than five years. I joined back in August 2005 as an approaching 15 year-old "GarryMc", then in November, re-registered - not realising I could request a username change.
Things have certainly changed here. We don't hear as much (if at all) from some of the more senior members, giving us young 'uns there wisdom. We definitely don't get to see any good mocks anymore, and, as mentioned, branding on all the main channels either doesn't change as much, or as dramatically as it used to.

Ten years online is a major achievement, however. So thank you Asa and the mods for keeping the place going.
I wonder who will still be on here in 2021...?