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itsrobert6,010 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Granada North West Today
Today should be a happy occasion, but it isn't totally, because I was here since day one of the site, and I am now 10 years older. I was 16 when I joined from TV Home.

So happy birthday TV Forum, you old b'stard! Laughing Crying or Very sad

Haha, same here Martin. I can't remember whether I signed up on 22 March or 23 March. Either way, I've been here since at least day 2 and it is a depressing thought to be a whole 10 years older. I was only 14 when I signed up! Yikes! I really can't fathom where the last 10 years have gone - it's all zipped by so quickly.

So, immense thanks to Asa, the moderators as well as all the members - past and present - for providing such a wonderful site which I know has brought a lot of enjoyment to me and many others - all free of charge, too. Yes, we've had ups and downs, but the past 10 years have been very enjoyable and I hope the next 10 are just as good!

Happy 10th Birthday, TV Forum!
nwtv20038,097 posts since 5 Jan 2003
Granada North West Today
I've been here since November 2001, and I was 14, jesus ten years flies.....! Although I was a regular visitor to the old TV Home site, I'm amazed how much has changed in ten years but it's good to see the Forum still alive and well in a sense, considering the amount of pres sites that have gone.

But Happy Birthday TVF, here's to another 10. Very Happy
gregmc3,311 posts since 10 Dec 2004
Ten golden years! It's certainly changed around here, but congratulations to Asa and all the rest of the team who put in a lot of work to maintain and keep the site running. Heres to another 10?!
Nicky (previously BBCNicky) 2,909 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
We've had the usual good times and bad times along the way but, nonetheless, it's really amazing to think many of us have kept going for ten years.

I myself discovered the forum a few months after its inception, finally joining in September 2001... (at the typically stupid age of 10!!) and while I would say that not everything I have posted has been of consequence (particularly in the early years...), I'd like to thank those members who've genuinely contributed to this site and raised valid and interesting discussions - you've definitely kept this forum readable.

Nice touch to the logo, Asa, and here's to another ten years!