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Just thought I would create a thread for the 10th birthday of TV Forum (10 years online tomorrow). Although I have only been online for 3 years, 5 months, 27 days (not that I am counting) I have seen some of the changes to the forum. From the new forum software on the 28th March 2009 to the LIVE chat for the 2010 election. So what will the forum be like in 10 years time? More arguments on the discussion of rotas, people saying that BBC One needs new idents and certain people wanting every channel on air to go by a shortened name. What ever happens in the future I would just like to say Happy 10th Birthday TV Forum. Now where's the cake! Very Happy
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I was wondering what treatment the logo would get for the tenth anniversary, and you didn't disappoint. An excellent choice, and a fitting little tribute to a decade of our wonderful community.

Thanks to Asa, moderators past and present, and everyone who contributes to TV Forum in their own way to make it such a great place to visit (however much we might enjoy complaining about it from time to time). Here's to the next ten years.
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As someone who has been here almost since the beginning, it's a delight to see the site celebrate its tenth anniversary. Happy birthday TV Forum, and thank you Asa and moderators past and present for providing us enthusiasts with a place to discuss TV presentation.
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Today should be a happy occasion, but it isn't totally, because I was here since day one of the site, and I am now 10 years older. I was 16 when I joined from TV Home.

So happy birthday TV Forum, you old b'stard! Laughing Crying or Very sad