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(July 2001)

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Martin Founding member
Big Brother posted:
Oh yeah. And my hands stink of onions.

So how many gold stars have you got on your badge?
Big Brother Founding member
They don't do gold stars anymore. They just base it on what position you are. Like Table Host, Crew Member etc. I'm a crew member and i get behind the tills and make burgers and stuff. And I get free juice and meals at breaks!!!
BillyH Founding member

Arn't you meant to be a TV Home VIP Modorator Asa?Smile
Send em here too!Very Happy

and me,
Big Brother Founding member
After today's event's between a certain member there is a few changes.

This member clearly had a problem and I am not mentioning anynames.

The following message is genuine and there is every bit of truth in it.

From now 'tv' has no opening date. I am not opening the site for members to criticise and bad mouth me.

This means 'tv' is unlikely to open in the forseeable future.

Hedgehog Online Media Group does not distrubute the fla files or the coding used on these re-creations at any stage. (Unless payment is made)

Any requests made before this post will be completed. However. At this moment in time I feel I have been very unfairly treated by this member who turned the tables around on the matter.

I am also seriously considering leaving this time.

And the last post about this was orginally about the clocks but due to certain circumstances with this member was changed.

I am also disappointed with Asa about this matter along with other Mods.

(Edited by Big Brother at 2:01 am on July 30, 2001)
Asa Admin
I really don't understand, or care, why you are 'disappointed' in me.

Your screensavers were and are excellent. A big well done for the time taken to do them. However...

For the past few months you've been using this forum as a blatant plug for this amazing website that is going to launch in September, then August and now no planned date. I don't mind promoting websites or others promoting them (especially in this forum) but to constantly give little snippets or get people to email you for information is, in my opinion, highly annoying, especially as it hasn't even launched for anyone to see how good it is.

I launched the UKTV site with barely any advertising. A messages on MHP-Chat and changing my signature to include the site address and people began to visit. The bulk of the first few months clips were captured by me, in my time. People began to realise the potential and dedication in the site in showing current UK presentation and that's how it goes its reputation.
By all means advertise and ask for clips to enhance your collection that you may wish to include in a website at a later date but to change launch dates and content, then decide that you might not launch it, is again very annoying.

This member clearly had a problem and I am not mentioning anynames. But for a number of people on this forum, we know exactly who you are 'not' mentioning. So why put it?

If you are going to get so wound up about one person bad mouthing or criticising you, then maybe you shouldn't open a website. I'm very grateful for all the comments I get about TV Home - criticisms included (well, constructive ones!!)

Please make up your mind about whether you intend to continue to visit the forum, have a cool off period or leave completely. No more 'personal' messages about how badly you've been treated please.

There, rant over. I'm going to enjoy the sunshine.


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