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My next guest on the podcast will be a TV Forum legend... GREGGLES!

Yep, Greg Scott will be chatting with me about his television career. It'll be recorded in July.

How will TV Presentation be covered in this interview? I will be interested in how they came up with all the different sound effects and music in Quiz Mania.

I'll be chatting to Greg about his television life, the work he did on Price Drop and Quizmania, and trying to get an insight into the pressures of live television.

Just a small thought: I really like the episodes so far, and the James Mobbs episode in particular I found fascinating. All credit to you, it's a good product, so I hope you don't mind me suggesting the following. It's worth seeing which female guests you can get on a future edition, just to balance it out. It's very easy to not think of such things, especially when you're looking to feature those you admire rather than viewing by demographic. I'm sure it's something you've probably thought of, in fact but – just in case.

The thought has been in my mind for a while, and I have sought out female guests to chat to. I'm waiting to hear back from one person who has been recommended to me, just a case of wait and see on that one...

Thanks for the kind words as well. Smile
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I can't stop listening to the Mark Lipscomb one, a very fascinating insight into continuity announcing and what the future holds for it as well as television itself on a whole.

A superb conversation throughout!
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PLEASE NOTE: There is one swear word in this episode of the podcast. It’s a 6 letter word beginning with W.

Very Happy

Hmm...I wonder what it is? Laughing Thanks, I'll bear this in mind when listening to the audio! I bet it is a fantastic listen!! Greggles deserves to be on TV more often!!!