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In 2019, I'm launching a new podcast called The TV Booth.

It'll be a podcast dedicated to television presentation. Some of you will recall I did a podcast previously when TV Live was online, but it was dull and rather boring. This time it's going to be different.

There's going to be interviews with programme makers, continuity announcers and presentation enthusiasts. There will also be summaries of the latest TV presentation news. I'm currently in discussions with several people about taking part in the podcast, and I'm hoping to make an announcement shortly about this.

The website is here or you can use the RSS Feed.
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Presblog / The TV Booth Podcast
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Thanks for that. Really annoys me when I find a podcast I fancy and they don't provide one. There are so many podcast apps it's impossible and unnecessary to link to specific ones.
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Meridian (South) South Today
First episode was ok, although the sound quality of your microphone was awful.

Incidently, what is that picture of, what BBC channel is in 1080/59.94?

I used a site called Canva to create the branding for the site, that's simply one of their stock images.

I am working on getting a new microphone in time for my first guest, so the sound quality will improve. Smile
Presblog / The TV Booth Podcast
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