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Facebook videos are more designed in all honesty for "get your camera out and film Fred dancing with Daphne at Shaggy's 21st party" type videos of under two minutes, and not "TV Ark adverts 104".

I also thought it was temporary they were using Facebook, after all YouTube isn't always overzealous and anything it does complain about is usually music related which can be edited out if needs be. Google seem to have tamed its bots recently in this regard though in my experience.
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I've found out that the TVARK site was loading a lot slower than usual, eventually ending in a “This site can't be reached because it took too long” message on my browser. I tried it on both my iPad and my PC. Is it coming back earlier or is it just my rubbish internet?

EDIT: Turns out the Wayback Machine can't archive the website today, so it's definitely not my wifi. Shocked
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When's TVARK coming back?