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Something HAS to change! (March 2014)

Gary McEwan Central Reporting Scotland
ASO posted:
The Gallery used to be a decent place to see people's creations good or bad. If they were bad, usually constructive criticism would be given, and over time the mock would actually be good.

Yet you didn't give any constructive criticism on my GMB mock. You simply demanded that the thread was shut down. The word hypocrite springs to mind! I know that my mock isn't the best but I have tried to improve on it based on the criticism I had. I don't understand why you mentioned the lack if constructive criticism when you couldn't be bothered yourself.

I am sorry to rant and talk about my mocks but I am just trying to use my personal experience.

If you can't see yourself that something is bad, then you really do need to stop and think about what you are doing. I used to give criticism on other mocks but all these GMB mocks have bored me to death from giving any criticism as quite clearly people like yourself go in the huff.
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Is there a way of removing a whole thread in the Gallery, kind of thinking it could be useful to remove your own work??

Hopefully not. If there was it would mean even more terrible mocks. If people posted knowing their work was going to be available until the end of the universe, with their name attached, they'll hopefully spend more than 30 seconds on it.

Yes but the abuse people get is going to be enough for them to permanently disappear after <24 hours. I don't think you're required to look at them- you could just see the ones that are highly rated!

If you're not willing to have your mock viewed and criticised by other members - simple - don't post it in the first place.

While everybody complains about the harsh comments, a quick view at previous mocks shows that is the normal response to a quickly thrown together and poorly thought out mock.
A former member
Why is this NOT a Sticky topic in the Gallery:

I also think there should be locked for new members, But to counter balance all of this. I believe they should be test thread for all new member to place testers of there work, in where everyone can help genuine new member improve themselves in mocks. while making sure people who make these gems get a good laugh.
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Why is this NOT a Sticky topic in the Gallery:

It is - it's right at the top on a yellow background.

On a more positive note, I'm quite liking DTV's scoring criteria - it would be nice if this was actually the way to rate mocks, resulting in a fairer score and a more useful result for mockers. It would also be nice if you could change your ratings as mocks develop, with a record (anon or otherwise) posted in the thread.
A former member
You can change your rating.
ASO Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
I believe there should be test thread for all new member to place testers of there work, in where everyone can help genuine new member improve themselves in mocks. while making sure people who make these gems get a good laugh.

That is a brilliant idea! It would be less pretentious than the gallery. New members are just persuaded to give up sometimes. It would stop people from getting arsey about the bad mocks. There is a problem at the moment.

Perhaps when mocks on the test gallery get 4 or 5 stars, they could be converted over to the main Gallery. In this thread there would need to be a rule that states clearly that all comments must be constructive and relevant to the mock and only the mock.
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
You can change your rating.

Why have I never seen that link before? Embarassed
ETP1 Forever Central (East)
while making sure people who make these gems get a good laugh.

Those were the day's...
I am a new member but I have been stalking TV Forum for God knows how many years. I love the idea of a separate forum for new members. I think it would help combat the issue of bad mocks.

Alternatively, what if mocks that get 2 stars or below are moved onto a second gallery where mocks are expected to be below standard, so that there is more constructive criticism for those mocks? Hence removing bad mocks from the main gallery.
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I'm quite against a separate forum for new members.

A new forum (or even just a thread for developing ideas) on the other hand could be worthwhile.

Yes, the judging can seem quite harsh, but it's generally fair, and provided the mocker actually listens to the advice initially given, they'll get constructive feedback. The absolute worst things you can do with a new mock is: a) demand people only give you constructive criticism, or shut up; b) continually post new ideas seemingly unrelated to your previous work; or c) give up after 24 hours and start a new thread with something completely different. Mocks which people put time and effort into are scored highly, things that have taken five minutes to scratch out in powerpoint will always be voted poorly - a new forum for new members will not change that one bit, and could even make the situation worse if they get highly voted (by who?) mocks which then get moved to the Gallery.

So, yeah, er, a "The Scratchboard" thread in the Gallery, for anyone to post ideas and get feedback may work and be helpful, but a whole new Gallery ("The Crèche"?) for newbies only is a stupid idea.
mdtauk London London
We should all be more tolerant and helpful to everyone who posts design ideas here. If the designer reacts poorly to constructive criticism, then maybe there is something to be said about if those designs should be marked, or shunted to another page.

If a designer is unwilling to make basic changes to improve the quality or believability of the work, then they do not seem to be posting here in the spirit of a collaborative approach.

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