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Tellybox (August 2011)

Doing it to satisfy your own ego probably isn't a top dollar reason for one either.
VMPhil Granada North West Today
U-grades don't actually count as passes, the lowest pass grade at GCSE is a G.

Your site is terrible by the way. If you needed more time (and it's clear that time is not what is required here) then advertising the site here was a serious lack of judgement.

Yes I thought it wasn't F! It has been a few years since my exams, and I tend to block out my dismal school years. Thanks for that.
Critique Anglia (East) Look East
So, what about this content, then?

Or, will the site collapse? *hopes*
623058: it just seems like your an mp3 whore
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Just for you to know Critique, I have a GCSE in english so I can write a little sentence about copyright

A little ironic considering the images you have created for the headings for your (as yet non-existant) pages are all ripped from my site.

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