Hi there, we're building a new TV tracking website and need beta testers to try out our new service.

If you like watching TV shows please sign up using our secret beta page:


Simkl TV Tracker solves the problem of not being able to remember if that movie or show you wanted to watch is has been aired or seen.

The service will have a website, computer application (Scrobbler), mobile app and open API to mash up your watched data that combine all your queues in one place. It automatically detects what you're watching, tells you how many episodes you've missed, and connects you to what your friends are into.

Keep in mind that it is still Beta and not all functions are working. Please use Chrome browser for the best performance, other browsers are not fully tested yet. Right now after sign up you can visit TV and Anime sections, browse the Genres catalog or other sections like TODAY CALENDAR BEST TV SHOWS PREMIERES. Or simply search for your favorite TV show or Anime and check your personal Profile for the episodes or shows you've missed. To get started mark your favorite shows as "Completed" (watched) or "Watching" or directly check mark the seen episodes. You can mark as seen all previous episodes simply by clicking "Mark as watched: All seasons" or go inside seasons separately.

If you're running on Windows, go ahead and download our TV Tracker software from The installer will automatically install and associate software with your account. After installing you can start playing video files (TV Shows or Anime with avi, mkv, mp4, m4v extension) from your computer and the software will automatically recognize the watched content and show you the notification what you are watching. After you have watched 70% of the video, the episode will be marked as watched in your online profile. You can also fast forward to the end of the episode (after 70% mark) and wait for 10-20 seconds to mark the episode as watched.

We have made sure to speed up the website as fast as possible by using the latest of the latest technologies, image compressors and by providing dedicated servers in USA and Europe and dedicated image servers all around the world so if you notice that some pages are not fast enough, please let us know.

Here's a demo of some of our real developer profiles, (available after signing up for beta). You are be able to share your profile with your friends as well the same way. Simply invite your friends to sign up on our secret page and then visit your profile link.

Meanwhile we continue to work on other features and MovieFriends sections. Let us know if there is something that you liked best or if there is something not working for you or when you see some kind of error text. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Please keep in mind that it still a beta and not all parts are ready yet. After signing up and trying out the website, please leave your comments and feedback. We would love to hear from you what features are needed to be implemented in the near future and if there is something that you did not like or liked a lot. There is currently no plex plugin but we plan to release it later.

Instant signup for beta is available here: