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Seeking interviewees on TV mock idents

Seeking TV mock developers for a new article (September 2010)

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Hopefully I've posted to the right forum... Very Happy

I publish a new online magazine called Imperica ( It's all about digital creativity, blurring the lines between disciplines such as media/advertising, digital art, and brands.

I am running a series called "Recreating the past", and am planning an article on TV mock idents - recreating now-defunct stations and franchises. The article will be as much about the love for the brand/franchise, as much as talking about the original and "mocked" visual treatment.

So, I was wondering if anyone on TV Forum that is involved with developing mock idents, would be interested in taking part in a short interview? It will take place over email, and at your leisure.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions and/or would like to volunteer, or reply to the thread.

Thanks very much for reading.

Paul Squires, publisher, Imperica
Check private messages.
Thanks very much James - I'll be in touch.
Although his work is probably not the best example of the art form, I'd be very interested to read more about Chris Williams...

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