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harshy5,859 posts since 24 Mar 2001
A far cry from the quite compact motorised setup I've got. And probably several times as expensive too!

In fact when I replaced my 10 year old set top box last week for a new one that's DVB-S2/HD/MPEG-4 capable I couldn't believe how small it was in comparison!

I still got one of those Technomate receivers, it helps me realign my motorised dish just in case something goes wrong.
james-20013,897 posts since 13 Sep 2015
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I still have that box too, in a box under the bed, but I don't know if I'll ever use it again. It's done me well though, I've had it since 2006 and it still works perfectly fine despite how much use it's had, it's just as I said it couldn't get the increasing number of DVB-S2/HD/MPEG-4 channels. Not really that much of an issue on 28.2 as it's basically only HD simulcasts of existing SD channels that it couldn't get, but certainly on other satellites there's numerous channels using at least one of those formats.

Considering the much smaller size, the new box has all the functionality of the old one (and some extras, including a USB socket which you can use to make it a PVR), the only things it's really missing is the LED channel/time display (which isn't a big deal) and the CAM slot (which I never used anyway).
james-20013,897 posts since 13 Sep 2015
Central (East) East Midlands Today
Another thing I have to laugh at- "Skyscan dishes are smaller than many others"- when the dish is clearly about 5 feet high. I guess that was small by 1985 standards when the signals were weaker, but not when we've been used to minidishes a quarter of that size for nearly 20 years! Even my motorised setup isn't that big!

And "with more than 17 channels", when even people only with Freeview Lite have more than that now. Just a sign of how massively things have changed in the last 30 years. Even in the early 90s until Sky didn't have that many channels (even including the non-Sky English language Astra channels like TCC, MTV, Lifestyle, Screensport etc.) and BSB were touting its 5 channel service as something impresive back in 1990, so I imagine having 17 extra channels several years before that much have been really something!