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Recently a friend of mine commented that they no longer regularly use the site because video takes too long to load or the video played with buffering and that it is easier to watch recordings on YouTube or other presentation sites. I am looking to establish if this is the view of a minority on slow internet or is this something that is affecting the majority and is turning away users.

Currently videos on the site have a maximum frame rate of 25 frames per second and a resolution of 1280x720. I can record up to 50 frames per second and 1920x1080, but to reduce file sizes and download time frames have been reduced and a lower resolution selected.

Here is a typical page with 1280x720 30 fps videos. The first file is 9.7MB and the second is 8.4MB. How do these videos play for you?

Many Thanks
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edmund1,191 posts since 21 Sep 2009
Thanks for your feedback dbl, its is actually 25fps which is the frame rate of television in the UK/Ireland. Getting the numbers mixed up with another project.
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Here's an odd one, connected to the same wifi network the videos load MUCH faster on my phone (iPhone 6) than they do on my PC (MacBook Pro, the latest model). On the iPhone the videos don't use the Flowplayer and instead pop up in the native iPhone video player, whilst on my Mac they obviously use the Flowplayer - as a result it takes barely a second for the video to load and start playing on my phone, but it takes a considerable time longer (around 8 seconds or so) on my Mac. Videos play smoothly on either platform.
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Thanks the feedback, I am thinking of introducing a quality selector to videos on the site including an option to set videos to auto quality, similar to how YouTube changes the quality of videos to let the video play on slower internet connections.
Today I updated the miscellaneous graphics on the site to .svg files (Scalable Vector Graphics).
The homepage and other channels page both have been updated.

Thumnail menus on all pages in the Sky section have been updated. The sub pages now have been subdivided with extra information about the various presentation eras added. I am aware of a glitch where the <h2> headings text is not rendering correctly on some mobile devices and there will be a fix for this very soon. ***Edit: This issue has now been resolved***

Any feedback or suggestions on the changes welcome.
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I am happy to say that the sites new Italian section has now grown to over 25 channels. Channels include Sky Uno, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arte, Sky Sport, Sky Cinema, Sky Primafila, Sky TG24, Sky Meteo 24, TV8, Cielo, Sky 3D, Fox Animation, Fox Crime, Fox Comedy, Fox Files, Fox Life, Fox, Fox Sports, Nat Geo, Nat Geo People and Nat Geo Wild. Presentation Archive is now home to the most comprehensive collection of modern day Italian TV presentation. It is hoped that this section will be grown in the future to include many other Italian TV channels.

Here is the link to our Italian Presentation section.

If you wish to see a particular Italian channel added leave a reply here Smile

edmund1,191 posts since 21 Sep 2009

I have now fixed both links. The thumbnail image link was correct, but as you say the text links were missing a hyphen. Thanks for pointing it out.