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Presentation Archive has been updated to use HTTPS (wikipedia article), which caused the site to drop offline throughout the day. After many hours I finally narrowed it down to a plugin that was causing an infinite redirect loop. I am confident that all of these issues have now been sorted. If anyone is still experiencing any difficulties please get in touch. If the update is working for you the url of the site should display https://presentationarchive.com/ (with a green some sort of a security lock depending on what browser you are using) instead of http://presentationarchive.com/ (unsecured grey 'i' symbol). I have successfully tested it on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
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edmund1,202 posts since 21 Sep 2009
Updates to the site design of Presentation Archive:

The menu system has received a complete overhaul. The primary menu has been converted to use drop-down menus. A new secondary breadcrumbs menu has been added to allow visitors to navigate back through the page structure. Visitors using a retina screen and good eyesight might notice something special about the '>' dividers.

The remaining icons on the site have been replaced with scalable vector graphics. This includes the Back to Top icon and play button.

Finally, a new slider has been added to the homepage which will showcase featured content on the site.

I hope visitors will find these changes useful.
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edmund1,202 posts since 21 Sep 2009
We have now launched at www.presentationarchive.com

I hope everyone enjoys the new site and finds the content and information useful. At launch there are 31 content pages on-line with lots more to be added over the coming months. Any issues or suggestions can be posted here or sent to info@presentationarchive.com

All that remains to say is welcome to Presentation Archive!

That was a fast four years! Today Presentation Archive celebrates its fourth birthday. Lots more Idents & Presentation still to come...
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edmund1,202 posts since 21 Sep 2009
Thank you all for your kind comments!

It can be a hard job, but very rewarding too. It has only took me four years to get the site to a level I am happy with! It certainly gets easier with time, it is great being able to record multiple channels at once and WordPress is very easy to use, letting me get updates up in no time at all (compared to what I used on a previous pres site.. it took an eternity!). I hope to add all of my archive material to the site this year and expand coverage to more channels.

It is sad to see how many sites don't last long or have closed over the years. I suppose the existing sites are just so big, what made up one site in the past is now just a subsection of another. It would be hard for another new site to find a niche launching today. I admit there is alot of crossover in content other sites, but I try to be different by having additional content from Ireland, Italy and the less covered UK channels.

Thanks again Smile

ps @623058 are you sure that the date was still good on that cake?!
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Content updates to Presentation Archive are currently on hold. Unknown technical issues with my recording setup and a general lack of motivation with recent presentation have led me to come to this decision. I will be making a final decision on whether to continue with the site in the next month or so.