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Oh my non-specific deity, this awful site.

(February 2010)

Mike W London London

Claiming it made the meerkat adverts.

I found this a while back
look at all the things it claims to do, they had a mobile phone network, brand agency, Music Library, TV channels, computerised text system.

Clearly the work of a deranged lunar tick.

I'm also curious to know why they have their own pretend "gateway" system on a Microsoft Office Live account, a service that provides NO FTP or login systems.

Now that's a lie...
Ben Founding member London London
That site's been going for years, but clearly it's so delusional I'm not even sure it is worth the pointing and the laughing. It's not like the days of HMGN News when we could all point and laugh at William Hanson. Very Happy
wow this is rather intresting -

We search a number of music libraries of which we are unable to name due to copyright
Wow it's like hyperactive corporation all over again.

Wtf with this page?

From TVF user profiles click the twitter link then the web site:
Critique Anglia (East) Look East
By putting Official in front of it, they seem to think that everyone will believe they made the Ads.
623058: it just seems like your an mp3 whore
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Claiming it made the meerkat adverts.

When it was in reality these people :
Put The Telly On Meridian (South East) South East Today
Clearly the work of a deranged lunar tick.

Lunatic. The moon hasn't got fleas.
Jon Recently warned Central (West) Midlands Today
My favourite part is when ITV DVD is described as ITV's commercial arm. Rolling Eyes
Inspector Sands
Blimey, where to start. Some highlights:

What an odd range of programmes mentioned as past productions presumably to make it seem more authentic? The same for the websites

A disclaimer about 0844 phone lines and use of Pudsey Bear even though neither appear on the site. See also the non exsistant company registration number

Resurrecting the Zenith production company with international subsiduaries... even though they've made nothing yet:

Oh and this is the UK HQ:

Whoever it is has some imagination, but what a complete waste of time, I mean what's the point?
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"He" appears to be steddenm. I wonder if he'll pipe up? Confused
Funny how I asked a friend of mine who works in the finance department at ITV and he says - he knows nothing about this 'so called' company nor have they ever done any work with them or for them, hmmm - very creative though 10 out of 10! odd eh?
Ben Founding member London London
cdd posted:
"He" appears to be steddenm. I wonder if he'll pipe up? Confused

I doubt it, I once made reference to one of the old claims when a related subject on here came up. He didn't respond to it but the part of the website was hastly changed. Personally I think it's all the work of someone with a few issues up in their brain it goes beyond the usual make-believe stuff that is occasionally to be found.

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