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a wiseman74 posts since 10 Aug 2005
Today I've finally published the last set of Flash Files created by Dave Jeffery. There a lots of different BBC 2 idents and the short-lived idents for the strange Independent Television Service for Wales & the West that filled the gap between TWW pulling out and Harlech starting its contract. And ther'es an improved Dragon on the TWW ident too!

Hope you like them...

a wiseman74 posts since 10 Aug 2005
Surely it was an april fool's that these were to be the LAST EVER?

The April Fools was the SVG clocks running backwards to mid-day. You can still see this 'joke' (for a while longer) if you set your system clock back to a short time before 12 noon on 1/4/2017 and visit all of the clocks.