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Neighbours: The Perfect Blend

Exclusive Interview with Maggie Millar (Rosie Hoyland) (February 2003)

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Thanks - glad you enjoyed it. I think the show is very lucky to finally have someone as passionate as Ric at the helm. I think it's a really positive time for Neighbours.

As for a link, if you can add a mutual one to your site, I'll get that arranged Very Happy
OF COURSE! It would be an honour!

Cheers! My real name is Riccardo aswell! So i'm please he's running the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Neighbours: The Perfect Blend -

Updates over the last week:

*Interview with James Condon - the late Anne Haddy's husband

*Magic Moments added:
Terry Shoots Paul
The 1986 Season Premiere
Beverly's Departure
1998 Season Finale
The 1999 Season Premiere

*Profile added:
Joanna Hartman

Version 3 of the 2003 Opening Titles plus the full closing credits.

Deaths In Ramsay Street - How well does Neighbours handle a death?
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UPDATES :: May 31st 2003

- Exclusive interview with Assistant Producer and Casting Director, Jan Russ . A legend!

- Love Thy Neighbour: Daphne Clarke

- News updated

- UK Gold Review added

- Character Bios updated:
Marco Alessi
Helen Daniels
Maria Ramsay
Danny Ramsay

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend
Enjoy Smile
The Jan Interview was great. Well Done guys!!! Razz
Wow! Can I just say (once again!) well done! The new interview with Cheryl from Neighbours was fantastic. She seems like a great and fun person!

Thanks for keeping the good work up!


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I love visiting site, its excellent, but I have having problems registering!
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Please do NOT dig up threads where the last post was 7 Jun 2003 , thus nearing four years since the last post. Digging up such old threads could be seen as trolling. Thread closed.

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