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Neighbours: The Perfect Blend

Exclusive Interview with Maggie Millar (Rosie Hoyland) (February 2003)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Great web site! Serious competition for other Neighbours fan sites! Can't access it at the moment though! The theme tune area bit is great, especially with the rare BBC adverts!

Well Done
A former member
Hi Ricky - glad you're enjoying the site, and thanks for the compliments. We're having some issues with our hosts, and so the site is moving to a new server - hopefully we should be back very soon.

Glad you're enjoying the title sequences - we've a *really* interesting feature about them which will be added as soon as we return Smile
Can't wait for that! Will that feature be up soon?
How long will it be until the site is back up and running? I really enjoyed the site and then found yesterday that it said you had exceeded your bandwith limit. What's wrong?

JAMIE Confused
As Stuart said the site is moving to a new server, and should be back soon. There will be some more BBC and Channel Ten trailers added when the site is back. Smile
A former member - Neighbours: The Perfect Blend

I'm glad to say that the website is now up and running again and apologies to people who've been unable to access it over the last few days

* Ryan Renshaw Interview

The director of the 2000 title sequence revamp takes a behind-the-scenes look at his work from conception to filming, complete with original never-before-seen storyboards and production documents.

* New Features

Weekly review and several character biographies updated

15 days later

Love the update guys! But i'm dieing for the miltimedia section to get those new promos etc! AHH!
Neighbours: The Perfect Blend -

Updates over the last couple of weeks:


*Geoff Paine (Clive Gibbons)
*Matt Norman (Pat Miller)

Year by Year

*Full review of 1992 & 1996 Year review added


*Weekly Reviews added for current episodes and UK Gold Weekly Review launched.

Magic Moments

*Felicity's Departure, Willises' Departure, Helen's death and the 1997 finale added.


*2003 opening credits Desktop Wallpaper, Widescreen 2000 opening credits and 2003 Credits Mock added.


*Full Profiles of Gaby Willis, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Hannah Martin and Jen Handley added.

New Reference Section

*Broadcast Times, FAQ and also now houses the Merchandise and History sections.

Caption Competition

*Check out the message board at for the image and submit your entry to us. The winner will be published on the main site the following Wednesday - the caption will be updated every Wednesday.


*News archive added

Have Fun Smile
Hi Ricky,

The Multimedia section is currently being updated and those trailers you mentioned will be among the updates. There will be also loads of new stuff aswell. Just keep checking back. Smile
KA_UK you always leave me in suspese! Can't wait!
The new interview is great! Really good read!

Does anyone post at
russnet Founding member
One thing that maybe of interest for the website is that I have a very tatty (unfortunately) copy of an old Neighbours magazine. Not sure of the era from memory as I have hidden somewhere but it's late eighties. It doesn't have a front cover to the magazine but I believe it was a one off edition, it was suppose to be an on-going publication but only made it to just one issue!

Still, if you want me to find it then give me a shout, it's somewhere in between my old Amstrad Action issues and Computer and Video Games magazines (in the days before C+VG!)

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