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(March 2008)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
A former member
I wish to enquire if we can have a thread to have database of library muisc used on tv and if possible which library it belongs to,

I have been told that it is alright for any one to go and listern to the muisc on the website, thats why there open to everyone

what do you think?
Bail Moderator
In a word, no.

The distribution of Library music isn't permitted, facilitating people in doing so isn't on the menu. I'd suggest if your that desperate you do your own research. But remember library music exists for broadcasters and is intended for broadcast use, not for people like here. Unless you interned to pay for any music downloaded or used you could be breaking the law, musicians and composers license their music to libraries as a way of making money, not for your amusement. Most library music is regulated and funded by the MCPS-PRS alliance and I suggest you visit their website for further information, not here.

I didn't fix any typos... Honest

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